I  like to focus in the next few posts on some common myths within the martial arts world and try to see if they can’t be dispelled once and for all. Myth No. 1 -  Black Belts need to register as a “deadly weapon” This is perhaps the oldest of all Martial Arts myths and Read more

Show me the money

Posted by Sifu Talib in General Stuff on October 25, 2010 | 2 Comments

It is our lack of awareness that gets us into mostly avoidable situations. The problem we as law abiding and tax paying citizens have is that for most part we rarely if ever experience raw and unprovoked acts of physical violence or even verbal abuse. We get our kicks in movies and video games, others Read more

There is an urban myth in some parts of the martial arts world that something like 90% of all fights will go to the ground. Like with any assumption this one also has the makings of a rude awakening. Fights can start and end in many different ways and I am not sure where the Read more

Martial Arts are NOT the same as Self Defence

Posted by Sifu Talib in Technical Stuff on October 13, 2010 | 1 Comment

This is perhaps THE biggest misconception when it comes to anyone looking to learn how to defend themselves. Although most martial arts have come out of some kind of military tradition, many have developed into competition sports, like Judo or Kick Boxing, or into ritualized styles that focus on health and well being. This is Read more