Fitness Martial Arts

Fitness Martial Arts or Martial Arts for Fitness training has proven to be the best and most effective toning and fat burning exercise available today. Our popular Fitness Martial Arts sessions are fantastic way to increase your fitness, balance and stamina.

Fitness Martial Arts

The classes are ideal for anybody regardless of age and experience (provided that you don’t have any medical conditions). We use real martial arts moves, pads and some pumping tunes to get you into shape. The sessions are intensive and strangely addictive and above all a lot of fun.

The sessions start with some gentle joint mobilisation and gradually increase in intensity. The end of the session is marked by stretching exercises, which will leave you refreshed and energized ready for the next session. All our instructors are qualified, experienced and fully insured.

Benefits of Fitness Martial Arts include:
- Stress relieve
- Weight control
- Improved sex life
- Better appetite
- Deeper and more relaxing sleep
- Improved posture, etc.

“A few months ago I decided I needed to get fit. I looked into various options and martial arts was one that appealed to me so I had a look around. I found the Rapid Defence Academy and I went along to try it out and I have to say I’m loving it. I’ve already noticed a marked difference in my fitness levels and I feel more in tune with my body and I can’t think of anything more I could ask for from my training.”

Mark Flanagan, Norwich

” I first joined the Rapid Defence academy looking for new friends and a sports activity out of the monotonous gym atmosphere. In just a few weeks the classes turned into the highest point of my days. Not only did my fitness, focus ans self confidence improve, but I found as well that in spite of my gender and physical structure I could learn to defend myself and develop my fighting skills. Highly recommended!”

Ana Rita, Norwich


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