How To Survive Attacks Involving Multiple Attackers?

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multiple attackers

As if being attacked by one criminal sociopath isn’t bad enough, attacks that involve more that one opponent are extremely dangerous and unpredictable. Multiple attack scenarios often present a losing proposition and even skilled and experienced fighters regularly succumb to such superior odds. This is of course further compounded if any kind of weapon is involved, which is often the case.

The main objective here is to survive the assault rather than to win it. Here are ten rules when facing multiple attackers:

1) Keep an eye on ALL attackers! You always want to know where every attacker is to avoid being caught in the middle.

2) Be aggressive! When faced by (seemingly) overwhelming odds you can’t afford to be “nice” or defensive. You life is at stake here.

3) Arm yourself! Turn the odds back in your favour and place anything between you and your attackers. This could be a chair, a rubbish bin, a stick or a set of keys.

4) Keep moving! It is easy to run out of space and options. A moving target is much harder to hit and to predict.

5) Pre-empt the attack! Go on the offensive and launch pre-emptive strikes at your attackers. Don’t wait to be attacked, you will get overwhelmed quickly.

6) Use cheap shots! There are no rules or taboos when it comes to fighting off a group of thugs. Use your teeth, nails, knees and elbows and go for opportunistic targets like groin and eyes first.

7) Escape! Remove yourself from danger as soon as you can. Take every opportunity to get out fast. If you can’t then fight like a lion.

8) Avoid! Prevention is always better than cure. Don’t put yourself in harms way and avoid looking like an easy meal. Remember, thugs and bullies look for victims not opponents.

9) Call for help! Make sure that other people become aware of your predicament. Trigger a car alarm or stop traffic for somebody to start calling the cops.

10) Skill up! All the suggested strategies will only work if you start train and rehearse them with a skilled and responsible instructor.



Training for these type of scenarios induces a high level of stress and needs to be introduced gradually to build confidence, control and the required skill level. It is therefore important to initially train all aspects of this training without speed or power.

In learning to deal with multiple attackers it is essential to remain mobile and alert and to regain and to maintain the initiative. Due to the extreme emergency nature of this type of attack the defender needs to aim to incapacitate each and every attacker decisively and without hesitation.

It is vital to use simple and explosive maneuvers to engage each opponent and to avoid any high or medium level kicks or grapple techniques, that will either leave you unbalanced or pinned to one attacker and make you therefore an easier, i.e. a static target for the other(s). DO NOT volunteer to go to the ground when faced by more than one attacker!

There are basically two options in dealing with this type of attack. The so called “shield” and the “pendulum” options or methods. The shield variable describes strategies, which aims to keep one attacker in between the defender and the other remaining attacker(s), so that you only ever deal with one attacker at a time. The pendulum option describes the process of going back and forth between two opponents, like a pendulum.


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