Martial Arts Norwich – Our Instructors

All our instructors are professionals who have been developed to offer the highest quality instruction. Every member of our instructor team is approachable, caring, and possesses a true love for teaching martial arts. After taking just a few lessons, you will see why The Rapid Defence Martial Arts Academy is Norwich’s choice for martial arts and self-defence training.

Sifu Talib Fehlhaber

Sifu Talib is a veteran of the martial arts with over 30 years of experience. He has been very successful in training and mentoring people since 1993. He has trained members of the U.S. Army to become self-defence instructors as well as conducting self-defence tutorials and sessions for the Chamber of Commerce, Norwich City College and the John Innes Institute.

Born in Germany in 1965, Talib was first introduced to the martial arts at the tender age of 6, when his father tried to channel the lively boy and proceeded to enroll him at a local Judo club. This was the beginning of a lasting love affair with the fighting arts that has endured until today. He currently holds a 5th degree Black Belt level in Wing Chun Kung Fu.

In a life time effort to keep his teaching practical and relevant he has devised his own method he calls “Dynamic Wing Chun Kung Fu”. As the name suggests it is broadly based on Wing Chun, but incorporates and integrates ideas of other fighting disciplines, especially when it comes to weapons.

Sifu Talib is the founder and Chief Instructor of the Rapid Defence Martial Arts Academy. He is available for private and group bookings as well as for bespoke training for corporate clients.

He is also the author of “Kick Start Your Own Martial Arts School”, which he published in 2012.

Here is what some people have said about him:

Sifu Talib is a great instructor, above all he is passionate about martial arts and firm enough to keep you motivated and relaxed enough to allow a perfect balance of enjoyment to every class. If you’re keen to learn he’s keen to teach.

- S. Stephens, 22, RAF engineer

“Sifu Talib has good control of the class and it seems to me he holds a belief that people can always do more than they think they can. He won’t put up with laziness but is sensitive to people’s abilities or ‘stumbling blocks’ in their learning. His enthusiasm and love for the art rubs off and inspires the class and is surely a must for any instructor worth his salt.

He is always ready to pressure test any technique and clearly has an excellent command of the Wing Tsun system. He never shies away from awkward questions about the system and encourages reflection but not procrastination at the expense of hands on training in the class.”

- R. Johnson, 36, Social worker

“His unrivalled passion is infectious and he is extremely approachable yet maintains a distinct air of authority.”

- G. Barron, 23, Nautical engineer

“Sifu Talib is easy to talk to, funny and will help with any thing that you don’t understand, basically he helps you learn.”

- A. Bateman, 20, Student

“Sifu Talib is very confident in the way that he teaches, and this rubs off on me when it comes to my performance. He’s not afraid to get stuck in and show you productively where you are going wrong, as once your shown you wont do it that way again. He likes to keep the whole class energized so we can get the best from ourselves during the short time we have.”

- T. Sewell, 22, IT networks engineer