Terms & Conditions

Terms and Conditions of training at the Rapid Defence Martial Arts Academy

1) Activities of the Rapid Defence Martial Arts Academy (RDMAA) and classes are undertaken entirely at the trainees own risk, who is required to behave in a manner that does not constitute a safety hazard to him/herself or others.

2) New members are advised to consult a doctor before attending and training in any classes offered by the RDMAA as physical exercise could aggravate some medical problems. Before participating in the class, the trainee will inform his/her instructor of any existing sickness, medical problems or injuries and will also do so if any of these are experienced before, during and right after the session.

3) The mandatory Membership Insurance (member to member) is valid for one year after the date of application and is renewable annually through RDMAA Head Office. Valid membership insurance cover is indicated by a valid membership sticker on the front of the membership license book. An administration charge will be made for late renewals. Instructors are insured separately against indemnity claims.

4) Members are entitled to attend their subscribed course of instruction (e.g. Basic, Black Belt Course etc) and may only attend other courses with prior invitation and arrangement by the management.

5) No provision can be made if the trainee does not make use of facilities offered. Lessons missed do not accumulate for later use without prior notice. The RDMAA operates a strict no refund policy on any monies paid.

6) Cancellations. Members have the right to cancel their membership at any time provided they give 90 days written notice to RDMAA Head Office.

7) The RDMAA reserves the right to alter the membership benefits, facilities and services without notice or explanation. Prices quoted are not protected and will increase from time to time.

8) The RDMAA reserves the right to terminate any membership without notice and/or explanation.

9) Every trainee is required to ensure that regular monthly payments are made via Direct Debit to pay for tuition, unless the chosen course has been paid for in advance. Please be aware that any late and/or missed payments will result in additional admin costs.

10) Members will not pass on information contained in any of RDMAA student grade and/or Black Belt grade programmes, which are protected under copyright laws, unless properly authorised by the RDMAA in writing.

11) All services offered by the RDMAA are on an “as is” basis and are subject to availability.

By participating in classes at the RDMAA you thereby agree to the above mentioned terms & conditions. For further details and explanations please contact the RDMAA directly. The terms and conditions outlined in the above sections may vary from time to time. Please check with our website for updates.